Get access to thousands of retailers in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, India and around the world.

Home products, fashion, apparel, food, drink, health, beauty, electronics, books, office supplies, toys, construction, industrial, sports, automotive, gifts…..etc

Ready to take on more market share?

Start supply to thousands of retailers. Let us manage the entire B2B ecommerce process on your behalf. How do we support you?

B2B Ecommerce 

We will provide you a B2B ecommerce website and promote your products to thousands of Btab Retail Merchants across the Btab Network.

Product Price Setting

We will assist you on product price setting and make sure you can sell at the right price because we believe manufacturers should be rewarded for their hard work and innovations.

Sales Support

We will manage the B2B sales on your behalf (24/7). Yes, business as usual while your competitors are closed. Their customers will love us 🙂

Product Storage

For a small fee, you can store your products at our approved storage locations. We will manage the storage on your behalf (Australia only for now).

Delivery & Pickup

If you store your products at our approved storage locations, we can manage the delivery, pickup and return on your behalf. (Australia only for now). 

After-sales Support

We will manage after-sales support on your behalf should anything go wrong. You can focus on your product development.

Inventory Planning

It is important to have sufficient inventory to achieve sales target. We are with you to plan and to ensure a smooth manufacturing process.

Market Potential

With us, the sky is the limit for growth. Our objective is to help you gain more market share by connecting your business with thousands of retail merchants using the Btab Network and manage the supply chain on your behalf.

No Sale No Fee

Absolutely no hidden cost. You only get charged a reasonably low fee from each sale you made. We have done so much to earn a small fee. Hence, we expect you to achieve high sales volume. Your success is our achievement. No sale no charge 🙂

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If you trust us with your business, we will go all out for you. We promise.

Human + Technology

With Btab, you have Human + Technology to help you grow your business.


Btab never sleep. We help monitor your business 24/7. Your success is our achievement.

Btab Network

With Btab Network, your business can grow with no worries. When you are ready, we are ready.


Thank you for your interest in Btab’s Managed Ecommerce.
We take all registration seriously. In certain circumstances, Btab cannot guarantee accept every manufacturer as Btab’s manufacturing partner.
After a quick review,  we will contact you to discuss your sign up process.

No sale No Fee…we promise 🙂

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